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Pre Construction Condos
10 REASONS WHY YOU NEED A REALTOR FOR NEW DEVELOPMENT Are you thinking of buying a brand new home from the builder? Or are you thinking of buying a new condo to live in or invest from the builder? Below you will find 10 reasons why you need a Real Estate Agent even when it comes to buying brand new developments from builders.  
  1. When it comes to pre-construction, your realtor has no interest in one specific property that they are trying to sell you. Therefore, they will shop around with and compare different developments and advise you on which property best suites your needs and requirements.
  2. Having an agent allows you to get access  and take advantage of the builder’s one day agent preview sales event before the project opens to the public. Also your Realtor can negotiate closing costs for you, upgrades, incentives, and deposit schedule. Being a VIP Broker typically come with very good relationships with the builders and can negotiate based on client’s needs and requirements.
  3. A VIP Realtor can get you to the top of the line since most projects get over 50% sold before they are even released to the public.
  4. Being in the business and knowing how the market works, experienced realtors have acquired thorough knowledge and experience in the real estate market and can offer you the best advice on which floor plans to avoid and which are the best for the value given.
  5. If buying a new condo, sales persons at the sales office are typically working for the interest of the developer and essentially do not negotiate a deal for you. Where as, a Realtor  will offer the best of his expertise at no cost.
  6. Realtors can also help calculate your resale value, carrying cost, rental value and help you find a possible future tenant for your investment property.
  7. Realtors can negotiate with the builders your behalf in-case on any discrepancies one the project is completed.
  8. Realtors typically know the reputation and financial reputation about the Builder and hence will be able to advise you on which builders to stay away from.
  9. Realtors who specialize in pre- construction projects typically get invited to VIP events from the builder and get first access with incentives packages for VIP Brokers for their clients.
  10. A Realtor can also help you get access to a Lawyer to look at your agreement at no extra cost.
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Sam Elgohary

Sam Elgohary is a Real Estate Broker with Century 21 servicing his clients in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). He has a wide range of experience in Pre-construction Development and resale and is always looking to give his clients the most up-to-date knowledge about the market to help them in making new investments or selling their homes. His close connections with builders and a wide network of agents give him a competitive edge on everything to do with Toronto Real Estate. Connect with Sam: Cell 416-565-5925. You can find Sam Elgohary in Google +