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All About Canderel

Canderel is born from a combination of youthful passion, entrepreneurial drive, and an unwavering work ethic. Canderel emerged as one of Canada’s most influential real estate firms. In 1975, Chairman Jon Wener, only 25 years old at the time, founded the company with a clear vision: consistently deliver value to clients, enhance communities, and adapt to any project. This vision has shaped Canderel’s core values of community, sustainability, and inclusion, ingrained in every aspect of their operations.

Canderel is deeply committed to engaging both its Canderel family and the communities it serves. Each new development is guided by a comprehensive sustainability and governance program, reflecting the company’s dedication to responsible practices. Moreover, their inclusive and diverse staffing model fuels excellence, ensuring a dynamic and innovative approach to their work.

Canderel Jon Wener

The strength of Canderel lies in their unyielding dedication and passion for every project and partnership. With over four decades of experience, the company excels in creating value, optimizing performance, and maximizing investment returns. Their entrepreneurial spirit, built upon a solid foundation of integrity, determination, forward-thinking, and unwavering client service, has been cultivated over a remarkable 40-year legacy.

Canderel’s success is not only attributed to their pursuit of value creation but also their steadfast adherence to their core values. Recent initiatives have further aligned their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) pillars with their guiding principles, emphasizing their commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices. In 2023, Canderel plans to refine their ESG priorities through the release of their inaugural Materiality report, showcasing their ongoing dedication to transparency and accountability.

Canderel YC Condos

With 47 years of operation, seven corporate offices spanning the nation, and an extensive portfolio encompassing over 80 million square feet of owned, managed, and developed properties, Canderel has significantly influenced the real estate industry. With a track record of over $20 billion in acquisitions, development, and management projects, the company continues to shape Canada’s real estate market, driven by their unwavering commitment to their values and dedication to excellence.

Canderel is an entrepreneurial company with a presence in every market in Canada. Additionally, they possess the necessary governance, risk-compliance, and reporting capability to collaborate with major pension funds and asset managers worldwide.

Canderel’s area of expertise lies in handling intricate real estate projects that require entitlement, development, repositioning, leasing, or retrofitting. They achieve success by employing a strategic approach to make the right decisions and executing them tactically.

Canderel Residential Projects

Benefiting from their extensive real estate advisory experience spanning five decades, Canderel operates as a unified team. They leverage their vertically integrated model to align expertise across all disciplines, foster innovation, and generate value for their investment partners. The achievement of successful residential development demands a growingly intricate framework of strategic cognition and technical proficiency.

Canderel Residential is a team rich in experience, excels in all aspects, empowering our associates and customers to optimize value, mitigate risks, and seize prospects.

Drawing from a broad range of expertise in various real estate domains, we undertake the development, construction, marketing, and management of Canada’s most captivating residential ventures. Our nationwide network of architecture, design, and construction specialists allows us to revitalize urban regions and create remarkable transformations.

The highlighted undertaking by Canderel Residential is the Foret Forest Hill Condos, situated in the serene enclave of Forest Hill and encompassed by esteemed neighbourhoods ranging from Casa Loma to Wychwood. This thoughtfully crafted, mixed-use community consists of three contemporary residential towers, seamlessly combining the advantages of tranquil residential areas and urban living. Furthermore, Canderel Residential has additional projects spanning across prominent cities such as Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver.



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