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Concord Adex, a subsidiary of Concord Pacific, renowned for its construction projects in Vancouver, gained prominence through the acquisition and transformation of the Expo 86 grounds in 1987. This revitalization led to the establishment of a vibrant neighborhood and played a significant role in Toronto’s housing boom.

The Expo 86 lands were originally developed for the World Fair held in Vancouver that year, marking the last North American World Fair to date. Recognizing a valuable opportunity, Concord Adex purchased the Expo grounds in 1987 and expanded its development activities throughout Canada. Notably, they created the Concord CityPlace community in Toronto and emerged as one of Canada’s largest real estate developers.

Concord Pacific

Having completed over 100 projects across Canada and currently working on 50 different developments, Concord Adex specializes in large-scale master-planned communities. Their impressive portfolio extends to various locations, including Toronto, North York, Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Burnaby, and Calgary. Furthermore, they have expanded internationally with projects in London, UK, and investments in software, information technology, and telecommunications sectors.

In 1997, Concord Adex acquired a substantial waterfront parcel of land in Toronto, ultimately establishing the renowned CityPlace community. At that time, it stood as the largest residential development in Toronto. Situated adjacent to the CN Tower, the community is bordered by Front Street West, northward, and Blue Jays Way, eastward. CityPlace offers convenient access to King Street West, Liberty Village, and the Financial District within walking distance. It is also near the Air Canada Centre and various transportation routes such as the Gardiner Expressway, GO system, and multiple streetcar lines. Once fully completed, CityPlace will accommodate 7,500 residential units, along with retail spaces and parkland.

Since the inception of the CityPlace development, Toronto has experienced an astounding housing boom, widely regarded as one of the most remarkable in North America. Many attribute this boom to Concord Adex’s acquisition of the land and the subsequent establishment of a comprehensive community, which played a pivotal role in sustaining Toronto’s prosperity during the Canadian oil crisis of 2016. Concord Adex’s contributions have not only shaped the city of Toronto but have also had a profound impact on Canada as a whole.


Some of Concord Adex’s projects include the following: 

1.       Tango2: residential high-rise is located in North York with 257 units. It’s located in 1001 Sheppard Avenue, and it was completed in 2014.

2.       Luna: a condo and townhouse project near the Toronto waterfront. The tower stands 38 storeys and including the townhomes, contains 706 units. The address is 25 Capreol Court and it was completed in 2010.

3.       Harbour View Estates Stage 3: Residential towers contain 256 suites located near Fort York on Lake Shore Boulevard and was completed in 2005.

4.       Montage LE:  A Residential Tower with 47 storeys and containing 532 units. This project is located at 25 Telegram Mews, and it was completed in 2009.



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