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Mizrahi Developments is a distinguished developer and builder based in Toronto, renowned for their exceptional expertise in custom home building. However, they have now transitioned into the construction of luxury residential condominiums in mid to high-rise structures, solidifying their position as a leading force in the industry. What truly sets them apart from other builders in Canada is their ISO 9001 certification, an internationally recognized standard for quality management systems. This certification, developed in Switzerland, ensures that Mizrahi Developments consistently meets the needs of their clients and complies with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements for their products and programs.

At the helm of Mizrahi Developments is Sam Mizrahi, an immigrant from Iran who arrived in Canada in 1977. Mr. Mizrahi is a visionary renaissance man, admired for his articulate nature, keen attention to detail, and unwavering determination. With his leadership, the company aims to redefine the standards of the building industry by offering unparalleled customization options for each unit in their condominium buildings. They strive to elevate the condominium lifestyle by delivering an exceptional experience that goes beyond expectations. Mr. Mizrahi emphasizes that they not only meet building codes but surpass them, ensuring that every aspect of their projects is of the highest quality.

Mizrahi Developments

Mizrahi Developments has earned a stellar reputation for creating timeless and exquisitely designed structures that enhance the streetscape of the city. Their commitment to innovative architecture and meticulous attention to detail sets them apart from other developments in the area. Their core objective is to provide a distinct and exclusive experience that surpasses anything else in the market. Each project undertaken by Mizrahi Developments is a testament to their dedication to excellence and their unwavering pursuit of architectural brilliance.

Beyond the construction phase, Mizrahi Developments understands the importance of taking care of their clients even after they have moved into their new homes. They prioritize service excellence and individual attention, ensuring that their customers receive the exceptional care they deserve. With their outstanding after-sales service and impeccable reputation, Mizrahi Developments is committed to providing the best purchasing experience today and in the future. Their dedication to going the extra mile for their customers is rooted in the belief that every client should be treated like family.

Mizrahi Developments The One

Among their impressive portfolio of projects, the One Condos stands as Mizrahi Developments’ most ambitious undertaking to date. This awe-inspiring 80-storey tower, located at Yonge and Bloor, will house 416 suites, making it the tallest residential residence in Canada. The One Condos is destined to become a highly sought-after address, capturing the attention and admiration of those seeking the pinnacle of luxurious living.

In conclusion, Mizrahi Developments stands out in the real estate industry for their unwavering commitment to excellence, innovative design, and exceptional customer service. With their ISO 9001 certification, they ensure that their projects meet the highest quality standards. Led by the visionary Sam Mizrahi, the company aims to redefine the building industry by providing unparalleled customization options and exceeding expectations. The One Condos, their most ambitious project to date, exemplifies their dedication to creating extraordinary living spaces. Mizrahi Developments is a name synonymous with sophistication, elegance, and the pursuit of architectural perfection.

Mizrahi Developments

Some of their other projects are the following:

· 181 Davenport Condos: a residential condo that stands 12 storeys with 110 suites. Completed in 2016.

· Lytton Park Townhomes: a townhome project located at 1247 Avenue Road in Toronto. 6 townhouses, Completed in 2016.

· 133 Hazelton: mid-sized 9 storey luxurious condo development with 37 units, in Yorkville, Toronto, Completed 2015.


Sam Elgohary

Sam Elgohary is a Real Estate Broker with Century 21 servicing his clients in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). He has a wide range of experience in Pre-construction Development and resale and is always looking to give his clients the most up-to-date knowledge about the market to help them in making new investments or selling their homes. His close connections with builders and a wide network of agents give him a competitive edge on everything to do with Toronto Real Estate. Connect with Sam: Cell 416-565-5925.


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