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MOD Developments


Since its establishment in 2009, MOD Developments has emerged as a leading force in Toronto’s development industry, prioritizing design excellence and conscientious city-building. Their mission revolves around creating developments that genuinely cater to the needs and desires of future residents, with the city itself serving as a constant source of inspiration. The rich cultural and architectural history of Toronto drives their continuous evolution and relentless pursuit of building a better future for all. To achieve this, MOD Developments collaborates with community partners, industry-leading architects, designers, and trades to construct innovative spaces that redefine the concept of modern living.

At MOD, the focus extends beyond mere construction. Their aim is to cultivate a sense of home and belonging, ensuring that every detail is meticulously considered to provide residents with a life they can be proud of. The goal is to create a space that anchors all of life’s moments, accommodating both the ordinary and the exceptional. Few industries have as profound an impact on society as development and building. Not only are they responsible for creating spaces for living, working, and leisure, but the buildings and communities they construct also have enduring physical and social consequences. At a macro level, their developments shape the lives of citizens through sustainability, architectural quality, heritage preservation, street-level usage, landscaping, and material choices. At a micro level, residents, tenants, and visitors experience the impact of their buildings through thoughtfully curated programs, meticulous interior design, and attention to detail.

MOD Developments Team

MOD Developments takes this responsibility seriously, striving to create developments that enhance the lives of their occupants while contributing to the overall strength of the city. Core concepts such as sustainability, social equity, diversity, and inclusion are not just buzzwords for them, but intrinsic guiding principles woven into the fabric of their culture and stakeholder relationships. To uphold accountability and measure success, MOD Developments believes in establishing a formal Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework.

Since their inception, MOD Developments has witnessed remarkable growth and become a trusted leader in Toronto’s development landscape. With seven projects, 3,315 homes, and a total development value of 1.3 billion dollars, they have consistently demonstrated their commitment to improving the quality of life for residents and neighboring communities. One key aspect of their approach is ensuring that their buildings offer a diverse range of home sizes, catering to a wide demographic and addressing varying spatial needs. They deeply respect the areas where they have the privilege to develop, believing that true sustainability encompasses both environmental impact and human wellness. The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the significance of proactive and holistic building design, as homes have become central to daily life. MOD Developments remains focused on implementing efficient practices to reduce carbon emissions, enhance building systems, and empower residents to not only exist in their spaces but thrive.

Thoughtful design that enhances residents’ lives, combined with support for the surrounding communities, lies at the heart of MOD Developments’ corporate ethos. Collaboration and support are inherent in their team dynamics, and they take pride in the comprehensive governance structures they have established. Operating with high ethical standards, they conduct business with honesty, integrity, and accountability. They honor their commitments, treat one another with respect, and strive to create an environment where everyone thrives.

MOD Developments

Some of MOD Developments projects include the following:

1.      Waterworks: a Mixed use 13 Storeys and 288 Unit Condominium located in 505 Richmond Street West

2.      The Massey Tower:  a Retail and Residential condominium comprising of 60 Storeys and 697 Units, located in 197 Yonge Street

3.      FIVE: a Retail and Residential condominium comprising of 48 Storeys and 539 Units, located in Five St. Joseph Street

4.      The Selby: a Retail and Residential condominium comprising of 50 Storeys and 441 Units, located in 592 Sherbourne Street

5.      The Taylor: a Retail and Residential condominium comprising of 36 Storeys and 286 Units, located in 57 Spadina Avenue

MOD Developments Awards 

Many of their project have built several awards:

55C Bloor Yorkville Residences


  • Winner 2020 Best Model Suite
  • Winner 2020 Best Innovative Suite Design

Ontario Home Builders’ Association

  • Winner 2020 High or Mid-Rise Condo Suite Kitchen

The Selby


  • Winner 2019 Rental Project of the Year



  • Winner 2023, Best New Built Community

Heritage Toronto Awards

  • Winner 2022, Adaptive Reuse in Built Heritage

World Interior News

  • Winner 2017 Retail Interiors Greater Than 200 SQ M

Ontario Home Builders’ Association

  • Winner 2017 Best Video High or Mid-Rise Project
  • Winner 2017 Most Outstanding High or Mid-Rise Condo Suite

The Massey Tower


  • Winner 2013 Project of the Year, High Rise
  • Winner 2013 Best High-Rise Building Design
  • Winner 2013 Best Model Suite
  • Winner 2013 Best Sales Office, High Rise

Ontario Home Builders’ Association

  • Winner 2013 Project of the Year, High or Mid-Rise
  • Winner 2013 Most Outstanding High-Rise Building
  • Winner 2013 Best New Home Sales Office
  • Winner 2013 Best High or Mid-Rise Project Sales Brochure
  • Marketing Awards Finalist 2013, Sales Office


  • Winner 16th Annual Best of Canada Design Awards, Marketing Sales Centre

A.R.E. Design Awards

  • Winner 2013 Grand Prize, Service Retailer, Sales Centre & Model Suite

Toronto Urban Design Awards

  • Award of Merit 2021, Private Buildings In Context – Tall

Heritage Toronto Awards

  • Winner 2021, Heritage Planning and Architecture



  • Winner 2011 Project of the Year, High-Rise
  • Winner 2011 Best High-Rise Building Design
  • Winner 2011 Best Model Suite
  • Winner 2011 Best High-Rise Sales Office


  • Winner 2017 REX Awards, Real Estate Excellence Retail / Mixed Use Development of the Year
  • Retail/Mixed Use Development of the Year
  • Winner 2013 Grand Prize, Service Retailer, Sales Centre & Model Suite



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