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RioCan Living


All About RioCan

RioCan’s team demonstrates a forward-thinking approach, consistently anticipating trends and adapting their portfolio to strengthen their market position. Their long-term growth strategy is centered around serving densely populated areas and leveraging their core strengths to generate value for their tenants, partners, limited partnership investors, and unitholders.

The strategic decisions made by RioCan encompass four key pillars:

1. Retail Transformation: RioCan maintains a strong commitment to their core retail sector. They strategically invest in and evolve their portfolio, which includes highly desirable properties like vibrant mixed-use communities. Emphasizing stability and high-quality income, they continuously adjust their tenant mix to prioritize essential, resilient, and synergistic businesses that align with consumer spending patterns.

2. Intelligent Diversification: RioCan actively enhances the quality and resilience of their portfolio by sensibly diversifying their assets, income sources, and overall tenant mix. This approach guides portfolio growth, mitigates risks, and increases stability.

3. Customer-Centric Focus: RioCan recognizes that their success is closely tied to the success of their stakeholders. They prioritize understanding and meeting the needs of their tenants, joint venture partners, and limited partnership investors. Proactively seeking input, managing relationships, and investing in their value proposition are key commitments.

4. Responsible Growth: RioCan is committed to responsible growth, which involves fostering a culture of excellence within the organization. They also take a leadership role in Environmental, Social, and Governance practices in the industry, and maintain a balanced and intentional approach to capital management. These factors are of utmost importance in all their endeavors.

RioCan Quality & Growth

Executing from a position of strength, RioCan has built an exceptional track record in Canada over nearly 30 years. Their strategy is supported by:

1. A leading and diversified property portfolio.

2. An attractive embedded development pipeline.

3. Strong market demand for their properties, driven by factors such as increasing population in major markets, evolving retail trends, and limited residential supply.

RioCan Sign

RioCan has established itself as a leader by cultivating a diversified portfolio through acquisitions, adaptability, and development spanning almost three decades. Their portfolio consists of high-quality assets strategically located in Canada’s six major markets, with a focus on high-density and transit-oriented areas.

RioCan’s core strength lies in their robust retail sector, anchored by resilient and essential tenants such as grocery stores, pharmacies, liquor outlets, personal services, specialty retailers, and value-focused retailers. Additionally, they have expanded their offerings to include well-located office spaces, residential areas, and vibrant mixed-use communities that cater to the diverse needs of consumers.

RioCan Overview

With approximately 200 properties available for commercial lease, RioCan offers a variety of options, including grocery-anchored centers, open-air spaces, mixed-use/urban developments, and enclosed centers. Recognizing the competitive and ever-evolving nature of the retail landscape, RioCan provides prime locations and a dedicated team that provides comprehensive support to tenants. Their aim is to offer well-managed and strategically situated properties to help tenants achieve their goals.

RioCan has established enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with Canada’s top retailers, evident from the presence of major industry players in their tenant roster. Renowned brands like Loblaws, Canadian Tire, Winners, Dollarama, and Metro choose RioCan as their preferred partner. These longstanding partnerships are built on mutual success, with RioCan recognizing that their achievements are closely intertwined with the success of their retailers.


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