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Indoor Gardens


Living in Canada, with winter and cold weather taking most of the year, it is nice to be able to enjoy a garden all year round. Indoor planting is ver beneficial for us living in the northern climates since the growing season is significantly reduced. Below you will find a few tips from the Ontario Real Estate Association on how to start growing your garden early.

  • There are 4 basic elements that you need to start your garden: seeds, soil, water and light.
  • Spring flower include petunias, lobelia, marigolds, snapdragons and coleus which can all be planted in March.
  • Other warmer weather flowers can be planted indoors in the beginning of April.
  • Once you purchase the seed from your local garden centre, there will be instruction on each type on how to plant them.
  • Indoors seeds typically require more precise work and more attention ignored to maintain its artificial growth.
  • Its important not to forget to water your plants regularly once panted and provide sufficient lights indoor for them to grow. (You can use light bulbs that are specifically made for growing indoor plants).
  • Make sure you leave the room at the proper temperature as required to grow you new plants. (Good air circulation typically requires the temperature to range between 18C to 21C or 65 to 70 degrees).
  • Make sure you do to start your indoor plants too early, for example, if you plan to plants towards end of May then you shouldn’t start your seeds before late March.

Different plants require different detailed steps and and different process and timing in order to completely grow. You may wish to consult a garden expert from your local garden center.


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