Nexus South Condos

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Project: Nexus South
Builder: Remington Group
Location: Downtown Markham

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The excitement of Nexus will increase dramatically from the ground up.  Shops and services, chosen for their ability to make your life run smoothly and effectively, will be located on the first floor of the building.  On the second floor, there’ll be a bridge that connects you to Nexus South and all the amenities of Nexus North and South.

Walk to VIVA transit, supermarket, movie theater, coffee shops, restaurantsand shopping!  Miniutes to Go Train, Higway 404, and 407!

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General Overview

Downtown Markham is a $3 billion, 20-year development project that will occupy 98 hectares (243 acres) of land in the heart of Markham, between Highway 407 and the Rouge Valley, and from Warden Avenue on the West to Unionville GO Station, near Kennedy Road Adhering to the principles of the Smart Growth Development, Downtown Markham will be mixed-use zone, rejecting the trend that separates housing from jobs and retail stores. All personal, family and employment needs will be available in the community/ The entire project is designed to be environmentally sensitive, pedestrian friendly and transitoriented, with short walking distances and easy access to all residential, commercial zones
and transit stops Downtown Markham will become home to 9,500 residents living in 3,900 new condominiums and townhouses More than 16,000 people will work in approximately 4.2 million square feet of office space.
The overall Markham Centre area will eventually accommodate 25,000 residents.

Master Plan Community

Check out Downtown Markham’s master plan community.  Downtown Markham lies between Highway 407 and the Rouge River. It extends from Warden Avenue on the west to the GO Transit rail line and the Unionville GO Station on the east (see video).

Downtown Markham Shopping

Shopping in Downtown Markham will be open air, because all the stores are located individually on streets, not far from homes, jobs, entertainment, parks and other typical urban amenities. However, it won’t have a faux style, so no one will have to wonder exactly when Markham’s past included a Mediterranean period.
But because this downtown is being built from scratch, there are opportunities to apply some of the most successful mall and lifestyle centre retailing principles.
For instance, the main shopping street and the large open square that it leads to will be established as private condominium space under the management of the project developer, even though for all intents and purposes they are part of the public realm.
This will allow the street and square to be built and maintained to higher than usual municipal standards. More frequent cleaning, trash removal and snow clearing are obvious examples. Preventing skateboarders from crashing into strollers and keeping sidewalks free of beggars are behind-the-scenes benefits to ensure a comfortable and secure environment for all.

Economic Development

“Economic development is not just about land, jobs and taxes. It’s about the development of an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable community,” noted Steven Chait, Director of Economic development for Town of Markham.
In any community powered by the knowledge economy, quality of life is essential to attracting and retaining a skilled labour force. The centre of Markham has long been the proverbial “hole in the donut” for Markham. Rather than engage in haphazard development to fill land, the Town purposely took its time developing what would become the new Downtown Markham into an area that will attract knowledge workforce from far and wide. Downtown Markham will feature many unique sustainable development and quality of design elements:

  • Rather than building a park into a suburb, homes and businesses are built into the natural landscape’s rivers, streams and numerous green spaces.
  • Features that boost quality of life, including beautiful public spaces and cultural attractions
  • Easy access to all amenities and commercial locations by foot, pedal, public transit or car

Twenty years from now, we will look upon Downtown Markham as the ideal example of a vibrant community powered by a world leading knowledge economy. With the right pieces – business, culture, recreation – Downtown Markham will be Ontario’s economic juggernaut.

Green Building Development

People are increasingly aware that their actions directly affect their environment, and desire living and working spaces designed with their well-being and the health of our environment in mind.The Remington Group sought to create an environmentally sustainable mixed use land development that delivers benefits in the long and short term.
Downtown Markham’s first residential development, Rouge Bijou, will qualify for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building certification. The LEED Green Building Rating System is a voluntary, consensus-based standard for creating high quality, sustainable buildings. Building processes and materials, such as carpet and paint, must meet specific standards in order to be LEED certified. Rouge Bijou also addresses LEED’s other requirements, including a sustainable building site, indoor environmental quality and efficient access to water and energy supplies.
This significant investment is more expensive than run-of-the-mill developments and won’t turn a quick buck for The Remington Group. The environmentally friendly design will however deliver in the long term with substantially lower operating costs and a better quality of life for all Downtown Markham’s inhabitants.

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