Top 10 Cleanest Cities in the World

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1. Calgary, Canada COMES NO #1 YAY

 Situated between the Rocky Mountains and prairies in Canada, more than one thousand meters above the sea level, Calgary is a remarkable city. There are two magnificent rivers flowing through this gorgeous city – Bow and Elbow, which ensure the humidity in the continental climate of the area. The situation of the city in a region close to forests, mountains and rivers is only one of the reasons why wind there comes with the scent of a fresh air, because this is considered to be on the top of the list with the cleanest cities in the world! It is not easy to maintain such a big city, with population over one million people, in a perfect clean condition. It is a question of economy status and culture of the citizens, a question of prosperity. The main pillar of the city industry is concentrated in the energy production, which explains its status of a place with very good organized community with excellent services, one of the best places to live in considering the environment!

2. Adelaide, Australia

 Considered to be the best place to live in Australia, the city of Adelaide is situated between the St Vincent Gulf and the Lofty Mountain. Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and is a very important economic and cultural centre; this is why the city government is so well organized and well-structured. This is the main reason for the city to be among the best maintained in the world. The economic strength comes from the role of the city as a commercial centre, hosting most of the financial institutions in the country, respectively the continent. Apart from this, Adelaide is a place where many annual festivals and cultural events are organized and the educational system is perfectly developed, so it is not astonishing why exactly Adelaide is in the top ten cleanest cities list. Despite the huge population of more than 1.2 million people, the life is so well organized and pollution restricted that living there is a good choice!

3. Honolulu, Hawaii

 Searching for the cleanest cities in the world, we cannot miss the pearl of Hawaii, the tropical paradise Honolulu. Being the capital of all the islands, Honolulu is the city where all the financial structures of the state of Hawaii are situated, an important seat of all the main cultural and political events in the islands. The tropical climate of the gorgeous island and its main source of income – tourism, are the reasons why this is among the most preferable places to live in, one of the cleanest cities with population about 400,000 people, comparatively not over inhabited. It is natural that the environment is of a great importance for a place where the main industry is tourism, but we must admit that this is also a question of good organization and citizen consciousness. Honolulu is a place where people say “No” to the rubbish and everything is maintained neat and tidy, ready to welcome all tourists who made the right choice to visit it!

4. Minneapolis, USA

 One of the most populated cleanest cities in the world is Minneapolis in the United States with its population over 3.3 million people. It is located on the both sides of Mississippi river, and its name is not given by chance – it comes from the word for water in the language of Dakota tribe and the word for a city in Greek, so it is means “The Water City”. The explanation is obvious – Minneapolis hosts twelve lakes, many wetlands and five ponds. The city is with very well developed economy based on transportation and trading, services and transportation, which is the reason for its well-structured services, especially the city maintenance. Of course the better the conditions for life are at one place the more citizens intend to move there and the more taxes are gathered and the better is the maintenance.

5. Kobe, Japan

 Japanese high level of culture and consciousness, discipline and feeling of responsibility are well-known all over the world. Kobe is a city with population of one and a half million citizens, located nearby Osaka. The city is narrow and one of its sides is a coast, the other is mountain, which makes a wonderful combination of beautiful landscapes. The economy of Kobe lies on its wonderfully developed industry, because there are based the productions of many world famous trade marks in the fields of light and heavy industry. Another important fact about the city economy is that the port is one of the busiest in the region, which means that the trading sector is also working well. So there is no question why this is one of the cleanest cities in the world – it is developed, situated on a marvellous place with natural beauty and the citizens are taught to appreciate and protect their land – welcome to Kobe!

6. Copenhagen, Denmark

 Danish capital Copenhagen is also among the best places for living regarding the environment. This metropolis with population of almost 2 million residents is the heart of the economy of Denmark – a country with rich history and traditions, and most of its financial and political powers are concentrated in the capital. Copenhagen is absolutely well structured, perfectly functioning city, with services from the highest level. This is why the maintenance of the city is not under discussion – it is absolutely flawless and this wonderful place hosts its citizens together with the tourists, always proud of its brilliant appearance, shining among the tidiest places in Europe. Placed on two islands, this green city is famous for its unbelievably green and parks, the nice walking paths, where the scent of flowers and the fresh air and the most natural aroma. Wonderful nature and excellent coordination of human activities have preserved Copenhagen as one of the cleanest cities in the world!

7. Wellington, New Zealand

Not so dense with population and not so famous, Wellington in New Zealand is a city among the cleanest in the world. Located on the North Island, this city has population of almost 400,000 people and is smaller compared to the other capitals, but does not stand aside when speaking of environment! On the contrary, this wonderful place catches the eye of the observer with its absolutely strict arrangement and placement of architecture, parking spaces, parks – everything is regulated perfectly. And it is obvious that the services function flawless, because the level of pollution is among the lowest! The natural beauty of coast and mountains, the green spaces, the clean streets, this all is highly appreciated by the society there and all efforts are put in the primary goal to ensure the nice environment and obviously there is a result – Wellington is a preferable place to live in, economically developed, one of the cleanest cities in the world!

8. Helsinki, Finland

 Finland is one of the most picturesque and beautiful Nordic countries. Its capital Helsinki is situated in the Gulf of Finland, on islands, which determines its landscape as colourful and green piece of paradise. Including the islands, bays and peninsula, Helsinki is a city which impresses the visitor with beautiful nature, wonderful sights and very good arranged architecture. Being a capital of the country, the city hosts about 1.1 million people and there are concentrated all important structures of the government. Most of the companies settlements, foreign and Finnish, are situated in the city which is a preposition for its great economical and financial power and makes it one of the cities of greatest importance not only in Finland but also in Northern Europe. Culture and education flourish there and there is no surprise that the city authorities take a pretty good care for the maintenance and the good look of this prestigious city.

9. Kathmandu, Nepal

 It will be impossible to miss the Himalayas pride – the city of Kathmandu in the list of cleanest cities in the world. A capital of one of the most interesting countries in the world – Nepal, Kathmandu is wide open for tourists and tourism is the main industry flourishing there. Situated in the Kathmandu Valley it is over 1300 meters above the sea level, crossed by eight rivers and surrounded by picturesque mountains the city shines with its rich culture and interesting history, authentic architecture and beautiful temples. As tourism is the basic business developed in the area, the city is perfectly organized to meet the guests and offer them a pleasant stay, charming the visitors with its absolute tidiness and impressive cleanness! Another reason for the presence of Kathmandu among the cleanest cities is the fact that there are not many heavy industries developed there.

10. Freiburg, Germany

 Freiburg in Germany is a wonderful city, impressing with the green hills surrounding the city. The local political powers are led by most representatives of the Green party, which is maybe one of the reasons for the city to be called an “eco-city”. It is a famous fact that the citizens of Freiburg are keen on anything good for the environment and their strategy for the solar energy to be more and more widely used. There are many universities, settled there, and it is also a place of great tourist interest precisely because of its clean and fresh air, mountain views and city sights sparkling with cleanness and tidiness! People who visit Freiburg will definitely notice those distinguishing features and will fall in love with this amazing place.

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