Top Ten largest Cities in Canada

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Top Ten Largest Cities in Canada

Top Ten largest Cities in Canada 

includes  Average Household Income   , Average home value , Days Above 0 Degree C  and Unemployment  rate

from smallest to largest
1- Calgary ,Alberta

Average Household Income:$125,733Average Home Value:$394,550
Days Above 0 Degree C:169.3Unemployment:4.02%

2-Ottowa , Ontario

Average Household Income:$98,979Average Home Value:$352,020
Days Above 0 Degree C:211.9Unemployment:5.89%

3-Edmonton, Alberta

Average Household Income:$96,704Average Home Value:$338,463
Days Above 0 Degree C:186.7Unemployment:4.91%

4- London , Ontario

Average Household Income:$78,873Average Home Value:$247,818
Days Above 0 Degree C:217.3Unemployment:6.09%

5-Winnipeg , Manitoba 

Average Household Income:$77,269Average Home Value:$255,091
Days Above 0 Degree C:170.2Unemployment:5.04%

6- Halifax , Nova Scotia 

Average Household Income:$79,348Average Home Value:$247,566
Days Above 0 Degree C:228.9Unemployment:6.29%

7- Toronto , Ontario

Average Household Income:$91,464Average Home Value:$515,775
Days Above 0 Degree C:258.6Unemployment:7.63%

8- Mississauga ,Ontario

Average Household Income:$98,552Average Home Value:$452,165
Days Above 0 Degree C:174.9Unemployment:6.54%

9-Quebec City, Quebec

Average Household Income:$67,907Average Home Value:$221,685
Days Above 0 Degree C:189.4Unemployment:4.97%

10-Vancouver , British Colombia 

Average Household Income:$81,066Average Home Value:$882,000
Days Above 0 Degree C:328.5Unemployment:6%

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